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Solutions that go beyond manufacturer's specifications saving you time and frustration!

Smooth Finish can assist you with any project or equipment that's presenting a challenge

Why should I use Smooth Finish for my service needs?

Factory service is important especially during the installation and warranty period.

Smooth Finish is independent and vendor neutral, which means we work for you to provide the total solution!


Over 20 years experience in the wide format printing and graphic arts industry with a wide range of equipment and application knowledge. Tips and tricks are part of the service.

Service and training go together.  It isn't enough for the equipment to work, it's the people and managing the entire work flow.  Smooth Finish wants to work with you to ensure your business and your projects achieve just that.


Guaranteed or you don't pay!

All Brands of Wide Format Laminators Serviced

Factory Authorized Service & Support

AGL Wide Format Laminators

GFP Laminators


Labor: $125 per hour

Travel: $60 per hour

Minimum Call Charge $430

If air travel is required: reimbursement for airfare, rental car, and fuel.

If overnight travel is required: reimbursement per diem for lodging and meals based on US GSA Guidelines for the area in question.

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